In California burned down a whole city


В Калифорнии сгорел дотла целый городThe fire wiped off the face of the Earth the whole city.

California’s rampant wildfires. Here rampant fire almost completely destroyed the small provincial town called Paradise.

The city burned down thousands of buildings. About it reports Agency Associated Press.

“The city of Paradise has been pretty much destroyed, we are talking about destruction on a large scale,” – said the representative of the local fire service Scott McLean.

According to estimates Maclean, fire destroyed approximately two thousand houses and civil buildings. The Sheriff of Butte County Cory Hone said that there are reports that the fire killed several people, the exact number of victims is still installed.

Official statements on this account. Prior to that, head of the fire service County Darren reed informed that injured two firefighters and a few locals. The population of Paradise is about 27 thousand people. In connection with the fires that started in the woods, in Paradise evacuated thousands of people.

On site there are about 500 firefighters. The flames quickly spread due to strong winds and dry weather. The evacuation was announced and in several other cities in the County.


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