In Bulgaria, the separatists are demanding independence of the three regions


В Болгарии сепаратисты требуют независимости трех регионовAfter separation of the regions plan to join Romania.

In Northwest Bulgaria the separatists are going to hold a referendum on secession of three regions – Vidin, Vratsa and Montana. After independence, they plan to join Romania. About it reports the Bulgarian channel Nova.

The organizer of the protest and initiator of collecting signatures Boris Kamenov said that one of the reasons for such an initiative is the high level of corruption. Answering the question of why North-Western regions want to be part of Romania, Kamenov said that the Romanian judicial system and the fight against corruption much more effective than the Bulgarian.

“Their judicial system is much more democratic and Reformirovanie” he said.

“In the North-West, we are the fighters”, – he noted, reminding that the local population organized a rebellion against the Ottoman Empire.

The local separatists said that they are not satisfied with the level of unemployment in these three regions, so people go to other areas in search of work.

Boris Kamenov said that as soon as these regions will get independence from Bulgaria, they’ll come to Romania with the offer of accession.


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