In Britain, twenty people were poisoned nervously-paralytic substance


В Британии двадцать человек отравилось нервно-паралитическим веществом The purpose of people who the poison, was Colonel of the GRU. Suspected RF interference.

The acting head of the police of the British Wiltshire Kier Pritchard said that after the incident with the poisoning of the GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal for a medical aid turned 21.

According to him, in hospitals there are three people, including himself Skripal, his daughter Julia and COP Nick Bailey, first arrived on the scene.

“Assistance was provided to a number of people, a total of 21 person, including male and female, was found on the bench,” said Pritchard.

The remaining victims had already completed treatment at the hospital, they did blood tests, and supported and consulted.

Skripal and his 33-year-old daughter are in a coma, police on Thursday recovered consciousness and spoke. The Sergeant came into contact with the highest dose of nerve agent, applied against Skripal.

He remains in the intensive care unit where he was receiving treatment by a special technique.


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