In Britain, took video of the unexplained UFO


В Британии сняли на видео необъяснимый НЛО A strange object was divided into two parts.

In the sky of Buckinghamshire (England) the locals eleventh may have noticed a strange ball of fire, performing various pirouettes. As noted by some witnesses, the object was like living: moving briskly and sharply.

First, the British thought that they were dealing with a man-made object: glider, airplane radio control, the kite equipped with fireworks, etc.

And some decided that in the sky appeared a fireball. However, no single theory has withstood criticism. According to puzzled people, it was clearly a UFO because no other explanation, simply no.

Eyewitnesses also told reporters that after a while the ball split into two objects, a pair of fire phenomena continued to move erratically in the sky. Objects during the “dancing” red emitted electric sparks.

Scientists have not commented on the incident: probably, once again, science is powerless. However, failure to give information, it is possible to understand: the video is very poor quality, to see in detail the object is almost impossible.


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