In Britain, the Python killed the animal lover in his house


В Британии питон убил любителя животных в его же домеDead guy found parents in his room.

In a trial in the British city of Basingstoke, Hampshire, were made public the circumstances of the death of 31-year-old lover of exotic animals by Dan Brandon (Dan Brandon). This publication reports the Daily Mail.

The man held in his parents ‘ house 12 tarantulas, snakes and ten ieroglifov Python with a length of 254 cm, which he called tiny (“Tiny”). 25 August 2017, parents heard a crash in Brandon’s room, but ignored it. When the son came to lunch, they climbed to the second floor and saw his body lying on the floor face down. All Pets were in place, except tiny. Later it was found behind the box c facilities to care for snakes.

According to the pathologist the Adman al-Badri (Adman al-Badri), who performed the autopsy, he found the deceased bleeding in the eyes and burst blood vessels, but on the neck the marks of strangulation were absent. Herpetologist John Cooper (John Cooper) claims that a discarded Python skin no scratches, which could leave escaping. In addition, in his opinion, if tiny bit of the owner, it would be obvious.

However, the coroner Andrew Bradley (Andrew Bradley), speaking before the court, convinced that Python has played a key role in the death of Dan Brandon. According to him, the snake killed a man unintentionally.

“I absolutely do not believe in aggression or tiny confrontation with him — said the coroner. If that’s the case, it is only a demonstration of love, a moment of peace”. He suggests that Python or suddenly clasped his master, or led to his downfall.

If the coroner’s findings are correct, this is the first case of human death in the attack of a Python in the UK.

Ieroglifov pythons are included in the four largest snakes in the world. They grow to six metres in length and weigh up to 100 kilograms. There are known cases of pythons eating ieroglifov Impala weighing up to 58 kilograms, warthogs, young Nile crocodiles with a length of 1.5 meters and even leopards.

In 2017, it was reported that on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, a seven-meter Python had swallowed a fully grown man.


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