In Britain, the police officer was distributing intimate photos of colleagues


В Британии офицер полиции распространяла интимные фото коллегиA female police officer faced with allegations of misconduct after showing photos of colleagues to their friends at work.

Pat, Kathy Jackson and one of the officers “flirted” before the man sent her explicit photos of their dignity.

After receiving the picture, she was spotted “laughing” over it with colleagues on the site, but now the woman accused of misconduct because they shared the intimate picture, despite the ban of the senior officer.

Jackson got the image from a detective while on duty at the police station ghoul in East York.

Upon receipt of the image she was talking to the Sergeant and he refused to look at the picture and discuss the situation.

Sergeant John Burrell from Humberside police said it “specifically and categorically” don’t show anyone else this picture.

Jackson is said to have caused a stir among his colleagues when he gave her the section of the photo. The girl denied the allegations.


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