In Britain, the police called a criminal grandma feed a homeless cat


В Британии полиция назвала преступницей бабушку, кормившую бездомного котаA pensioner from Britain felt like “a real criminal” after a visit to her home by three police officers and receiving an official warning for feeding the cat.

Shirley Kee, 79 years old, first noticed a black cat in his yard in a greenhouse in April last year.

He returned a few months later, and the old woman took pity on him.

But after she nursed him for over a year, bought animal toys and paid the veterinary bill of £ 200 in her house in Westgate-on-Mor twice, said police.

She received a written warning that accused her of “stealing cats”.

Key was convinced that the cat is a stray, but later it turned out that she belongs to a neighbor.

In the spring a neighbor complained to the police after the first visit of the officers the old lady stopped to feed the cat.

The police visited her three weeks later.

The notification stated that it should not “to allow a pet the other person to enter its territory”.

A violation will carry a fine of 80 pounds and a criminal record.


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