In Britain successfully divided Siamese twins


Sisters Safa and Marwa from Pakistan spent in the aggregate more than 50 operating hours.

British doctors separated conjoined twin sisters, joined at the head. Operations, which became one of the most difficult in the history of medicine, girls carried out in several stages. Began in October last year, but now surgeons decided to declare success, reports the with reference for Today.

Tears mom kisses your girls Narfu and Marv, and the children go to the operation, which literally depend their life. Sisters from Pakistan are born with one head for two. Typically, these children do not live more than a day. And girls for two years. For complex surgery took surgeons from children’s hospital of London.

“The most important thing is to separate the brain and then reconstruct the skull so in the end, we received two full of people,” says plastic surgeon David dunaway.

Before you take the knife, the doctors trained on the model of the head of the twins, made on a 3D printer. During real surgery, the girls divided the brain and arteries and then took over Vienna. In General, operating the sisters spent 50 hours and have done so hundreds of doctors.

“They are making progress. In the last 10 months have received intensive treatment. Now to recover. Still a bit too early to say what their future will be, but we are optimistic,” says neurosurgeon Owais Gilani.

The other day the babies were discharged from the hospital, and now they have two separate baby stroller and hope for a private life. Home parents planning to return next year, after the children finished the course of rehabilitation.


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