In Britain, stated the fear of losing the US as a military ally


Britain plans to revise defense policy.

The Minister of defence of Britain Ben Wallace fears that the country may be left without its military ally the US in future military conflicts, according to the with reference to the Correspondent.

Wallace is concerned that the growing isolationist policy of US President Donald trump means that Britain may need to reconsider the assumptions that lay at the heart of its defense planning over the last 10 years.

As the Minister said, the idea that the US will retreat from its international role, “keeps me awake at night.”

“I am concerned that the United States can abandon its leadership in the world. We are preparing for the worst and hope for the best,” said the Minister.

Wallace wants Britain used future revision of defense policy to explore new opportunities that will mean less dependence on the United States during a potential military conflict in the future.

“We are very dependent on American air cover and American surveillance and intelligence. We need to diversify our assets,” said Wallace.


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