In Britain made an important statement on Brexit


В Британии сделали важное заявление по Brexit In Britain, said that Brexit will be complete

Foreign trade Minister, Liam Fox, is campaigning for a tougher approach, saying that the transition period be limited in time, and England not going to use it to secure membership in the EU through the “back door.

Although the UK requires a transition period to mitigate the impact of withdrawal from the European Union, but it will not be used to stop the process Brexit. This is stated in an article for the Sunday Telegraph’s Finance Minister Philip Hammond and Minister for trade Liam Fox.

Finance Minister Philip Hammond, who advocated a soft option, Brexit, and foreign trade Minister Liam Fox, campaigned for a tougher approach, said that the transition period will be time limited, and the United Kingdom will not use it to secure membership in the EU through the “back door”.

According to the publication, the “open Declaration of peace between the warring factions in the Cabinet will be a huge relief to Theresa may”, the government of which both supporters and opponents of Brexit criticized for the uncertainty of position and lack of a clear exit plan from the EU.

“We will leave the customs Union and will be free from the obligation to conclude the best shopping deals around the world in an independent, open, trading partner,” said the Ministers.

They want the country’s economy remained “strong and energetic” after this period of change.

“That’s why we believe that time-limited transition period – important for the realization of our national interests, and will give businesses more confidence – but he can’t be uncertain, it can not become a covert way in order to remain in the EU”, – explained the Minister.


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