In Britain found the largest Roman treasure


В Британии нашли крупнейший римский кладThe coins were buried around 307 ad.

In the UK, near the village of Rosby in Lincolnshire archaeologists have discovered the largest trove of Roman coins Dating from the IV century ad.

As reports the Archaeology News Network, this is the largest hoard of Roman coins ever found in Britain. It with a metal detector in 2017 have been discovered by archaeologists-lovers.

They called to place professional scientists from the University of Sheffield. All of the land was recovered over three thousand bronze Roman coin of the IV century. They were stored in a clay pot, buried in a shallow hole.

“The coins were buried around 307 ad, says Dr. Eleanor gray of the British Museum. – The Roman Empire at that time became more and more decentralized. Britain was again in the spotlight after the death of the Emperor Constantius, in York”.

According to her, it was then in London, began minting Roman coins. By the way, nearby was found another treasure, which consisted of only ten coins. About the discovery, archaeologists said just now. The fact that only last week the court officially recognized a trove of treasure.

According to the local legislation proceeds in case of sale should be divided equally between the finder of the treasure people and the owner of the land on which it was discovered.


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