In Britain found a flying saucer, who predicted the start of nuclear war


The exhibit has been in the Museum warehouse for more than 60 years.

In 1957, in England they found a small UFO, which is currently forgotten. Then the alien device fell in Yorkshire, where he was spotted. It happened few weeks after the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite.

And recently in the Museum store the newly found UFO. Inside the object was a book with a message to the people. In old letters mentioned about the coming nuclear war.

It is worth noting that some specialists are all the time looking for an artifact, but nobody imagined that it stays at the Science Museum, which is located about two hundred miles from the crash site of a UFO.

In 1963 conducted a detailed analysis of flying object, the experts then did not find anything interesting. Scientists eventually disproved the idea that found UFO — machine humanoids, as found no evidence of this. Perhaps the artifact is a hoax, though well organized.


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