In Britain, decided to put people in prison for peeping under a skirt


В Британии решили сажать в тюрьму за заглядывание под юбкиUpskirting considered a crime.

Today and peeking under dresses and skirts for photography – upskirting is officially considered a criminal offence in England and Wales.

Now for photographing the underwear, genitals or buttocks of a person without his knowledge to criminals threatens till two years of prison. Upskirting already an offence in Scotland, but not yet a criminal offense in Northern Ireland. The initiator of the campaign on the recognition of upskirting crime was made by the British Gina Martin.

In 2017, at a music festival, Martin became a victim of upskirting. A few days later she wrote about the incident on Facebook, where her post got viral spread. Then the police are unable to arrest the attacker, because did not exist the relevant law.

An online petition Martin, urging the police to reopen the case, collected 50 thousand signatures. Subsequently, the liberal Democrat Vera Hobhouse introduced a bill in Parliament providing for the recognition of upskirting crime.


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