In Britain, children are brutally bitten a little girl


В Британии дети зверски искусали маленькую девочкуA little British girl was brutally bitten children in the Mall

Becky from Leeds, UK, went with their children to the leisure centre “Little Bees”.

The senior sped to the Playground, the younger, eight month old willow ivy Doherty, climbed into a playroom with soft padding, and mom sat down at the table. Soon Becky heard the hysterical cry of another mother, which pulled out from-under soft toys brutally bitten blue willow.

Beside her were two boys, brothers aged about 2 and 4 years. Doubts about their guilt arose: the smallest stood with a bloody mouth and smiled happily.

On the face and body of a small willow counted 15 bites. In the hospital the injured girl got the vaccine against hepatitis b and treated wounds. She will transplant the skin graft on the face.

County West Yorkshire has investigated the incident and reported that the case is closed. And the owner of “Little Bees”, said: “We are not a kennel. Kids need parental supervision.”

В Британии дети зверски искусали маленькую девочку


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