In Britain a child is born with his heart outside


В Британии родился ребенок с сердцем наружуThe baby was saved.

Children with this disease survive only in 10% of cases.

The English Leicester was born the baby, whose heart was not inside the chest, just on the chest of the child.

According to the newspaper, the cub was born on Christmas eve, but the doctors stressed the need for a caesarean section, so the baby pulled from the womb is November 22. The condition of the body of the heart, which doctors call ektopia kordis, were identified in the 9 weeks before birth. Heart and a small part of the abdominal organs were growing outside.

Experts said that does not know of any cases in the UK, when a child with a similar defect would have survived after birth. When the child’s mother, 31-year-old Naomi Findlay, learned about the state of the baby, she burst into tears.

“I started to panic, I actually felt physically sick because I really thought that there is a high probability that I never will be able to see or hear,” she said.

However, when little Vanellope was born and I heard her crying, Naomi felt relieved.

Parents named the girl Vanellope in honor of the cartoon character “Ralph,” Disney’s Panelope background Cupcake. The mother of the child said that the heroine was stubborn and at the end of the tape was the Princess, so the name is very suitable.

Surgeons have performed 3 operations in order to place a heart in the middle of the chest. The doctors cut the skin so that the heart gradually came to the Breasts themselves. When it happened, Vanellope has carried out a skin graft from under the armpits to the chest.

It is known that only five to seven children per million are born with similar problems, when the internal organs are growing outside. According to doctors, the chance of survival is only 10%.


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