In Brazil there was an unusual “space” sect


В Бразилии появилась необычная "космическая" секта Believers are convinced that they – the aliens in the bodies of other people.

Only an hour drive from the capital of Brazil and it seems like you are on another planet, but rather on the religious community “Vale do Amanhecer”.

The name translates as “Valley of Dawn” live and there are people who believe that they are actually aliens from other planets, but embodied in human bodies.

At first glance, if you were in a colorful theme Park. There is built in Egyptian style pyramid and temple worship, the building in the form of a spaceship and all this is surrounded by various sculptures in the shape of an ellipse.

В Бразилии появилась необычная "космическая" секта

The settlement was founded in the city Planaltina medium, TIA Neiva (died in 1985) in 1969, and first settled there only 300 people. Now there’s always live more than 10 thousand people, based on beliefs which are an unusual mixture of Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, ancient Egypt myths and legends of the Incas.

В Бразилии появилась необычная "космическая" секта

The basic concept States that about 32 thousand years ago the Earth came the representatives of an alien civilization and taught the people from different Nations to science and technology. Later the aliens returned to Earth by actually incarnating in human bodies. Living in the valley of the Dawn consider themselves the last incarnate, and call themselves mediums and Jaguars.

В Бразилии появилась необычная "космическая" секта

TIA Neiva for many years lived an ordinary life, was a widow with four children and worked as a truck driver in Rio de Janeiro. But suddenly she began to see mystical visions, which are interpreted as the visits to her extraterrestrial beings. According to TIA her first was called Pai Seth Blanca (“Father White Arrow”), which is now depicted in many paintings and sculptures in the valley of the Dawn.

В Бразилии появилась необычная "космическая" секта

Pai Seth Blanca is an alien in the body of a man who lived in pre-Columbian America. He is portrayed as a young, tall man type of South American Indians in a blue chiton.

В Бразилии появилась необычная "космическая" секта

Residents of the community are frilly colorful clothes, embroidered with stars and various symbols. Someone dressed in a Roman toga and gown, someone in attire similar to the clothes of the Incas or the Egyptians.

The community has a school for 200 students, restaurants, shops, stores and so on. Come here every day from 3 to 4 thousand tourists and ufologists, psychics, psychics, fortune tellers, and other extraordinary people from around the world. Also come here and those who are seeking healing from physical or mental illness.

Now the Valley of dawn is one of the fastest growing religious communities in the world. They claim that in different countries is now home to more than 800 thousand of their followers, who built a 600 prayer temples.


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