In Bonn attacked Israeli Professor


В Бонне совершено нападение на израильского профессораPolice first took the victim of antisemitic attack by the perpetrator and used violence to him.

In Germany again attacked on the grounds of anti-Semitism. 20-year-old citizen of Germany, comes from a family of Palestinians, on Thursday, 12 July in Bonn pushed several times and tore the pile head came from the US, Israeli Professor. However, he insulted a 50-year-old man in German and English, in particular, shouting: “No to the Jews in Germany!”.

Police arrived on the scene first took the victim over the attacker and knocking him to the ground, struck in the face. Only after the scientist who accompanied the woman pointed the guards to make a mistake, they found and arrested the culprit who was already known to the police in connection with offences involving violence and drugs. He was taken to a psychiatric clinic.

The head of the Bonn police Ursula Broll-Owl called bug police “is a terrible and unfortunate misunderstanding” and personally apologized to the victims. Investigating the incident involved the police Department in Cologne.

The Minister of internal Affairs of the Federal state of North Rhine – Westphalia Herbert Reul on the same day, brought to on the phone apologize to the victim of the attack. “We will not allow that in Germany was carried out again persecution of Jews,” he told the WAZ newspaper. Israeli Professor, meanwhile, already left Germany.


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