In Biarritz activists held a protest at the mansion “Putin’s daughter”


В Биаррице активисты провели акцию протеста у особняка "дочери Путина"

In Biarritz activists held a protest outside the mansion, which the media called the Villa “the daughter of Vladimir Putin” — Catherine Tikhonova. Videos of the action posted on YouTube by the activist Konstantin Zelenin.

To the gate of the mansion, activists attached posters. The author of the video notes that the action was supported by “French anarchists”. Judging by the video, the big buzz event is not called. Some curious passers-by, the activists explained what is happening.

Note that Villa in the South-West of France in November 2015, wrote Reuters journalists. It was reported that the mansion belongs to the CEO of the organization “Inpractice” Katerina Tikhonova.

Four-storey house with swimming pool is located on the seafront. The size of the mansion is about 300 square meters, plot of about 2000 square meters. The building was built in the 1950-ies. According to the architect Pierre Forró, which was repaired mansion 7 years ago, it costs more than 3.5 million euros.

According to the newspaper, Villa Tikhonova was acquired by the husband — owner of the company “SIBUR” Kirill Shamalov, he owns 21.3 per cent of gas processing and petrochemical company. Reporters noted that Shamalov is the son of the Petersburg friend of Vladimir Putin, the shareholder of Bank “Russia” Nikolay Shamalov.


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