In Berdyansk was raging element: spectacular shots. Photo


The sea raging storm.

Throughout Ukraine the storm raged, which managed to do a lot of troubles. In particular, a downpour severely flooded Zaporozhye. There in the thundering storm that didn’t pass the resorts on the Azov sea, reports the with reference for Today.

In Berdyansk captured a powerful storm, and impressive photo elements posted to the network.

Previously, we reported that the shower turned Kharkov to Venice, people on the streets sailed on the boats. With short breaks and different intensity rained all night and continued this morning.

We will remind, in Zaporozhye also suffered from heavy rain, plus the wind speed in some places reached 21 km/h. Streets and roads flooded, cars were moving around the city by swimming, in some places, disconnected lights.


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