In Belgium, the Muslim woman decided to “privatize” the temple priest from Ukraine


The aggressive woman was arrested.

In Belgium, a Muslim attacked a Greek Catholic priest from Ukraine, pariet with reference for Today.

As reported on his page in Facebook he the rector of the Ukrainian Catholic community of St John the Baptist Ivan Danevski, the incident occurred July 26 in Ghent.

“Sunday’s mood is spoiled. After the service, when he returned home, an unknown woman attacked me and tried to take the keys and go in the house, was aggressive, said that soon this Church will be a mosque and a Church building belongs to her. Fortunately, the police arrived fairly quickly and had her arrested,” writes Danchevskiy.

He noted in comments that the woman also shouted words about the prophet Muhammad.

The priest is not affected, as it managed to hide in the temple. According to him, had not had any problems with Muslims, although he lives in a Muslim area.

“Everyone knows that I am a priest, because I see how I’m going to the Church in cassock. There were no problems. I was well received in all shops where the owners and workers were Muslims and even addressed as “father,” said the priest.

He believes that the woman has mental problems and is a manifestation of a single case of religious fanaticism.


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