In Belgium, the mother burned alive two-year-old in electric grill


В Бельгии мать заживо сожгла двухлетнего ребенка в электрическом грилеNeighbors heard the cry of a child, but arriving police officers were unable to save the girl.

Belgian police arrested 27-year-old woman is suspected of murdering his infant child. The charred remains of two girls were found in the apparatus for grilling.

It is reported that the police asked the neighbors of the suspect after they heard the heartbreaking child’s cry and then saw smoke coming from under the garage door.

Arrived at the scene, police found a woman of African descent near the grill, on which lay a charred child’s body. “We had to burn together, to go to heaven,” said the mother in the course of interrogation of investigators.

Later it turned out that the suspect at the time of the murder was suffering from depression. Law enforcement officials say that she may be mentally ill.


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