In Belgium, the clown killed a woman in front of her children


В Бельгии клоун убил женщину на глазах у ее детейMale aired murder in Facebook.

31-year-old Kevin Leiper shortly before the murder, Kevin broke up with Christina because of the fact that he could not get along with her children.

Clown knitted children of 12,15 and 17 years in the attic and killed in front of them, 47-year-old woman by broadcasting it in Facebook.

– I’m not a hospital clown, I — a criminal clown. So I’ll be famous – comment on what is happening Kevin.

After men have dealt with the dead, they reported the incident to the police and went into hiding.

Kevin found in a nearby town, where he climbed on the roof of 13-story building and began firing into the air, threatening to jump.

After a long confrontation, in which Leeper was under the gun snipers from adjacent buildings, the man surrendered.

Leiper went to hospitals for sick children. In 2011, he was recognized as the best clown in the Benelux countries — Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg — for a lasting impression it had on the audience. In addition, he participated in a show In Belgium’s got talent.


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