In Belarus “offended” by “Transneft” due to the amount of compensation


The Belarusian petrochemical concern Belneftekhim believes that “Transneft” did wrong legally, unilaterally, by setting the amount of compensation for damages from the supply of contaminated oil through the pipeline “Druzhba”.

Earlier Wednesday, the Russian “Transneft” has declared that “the Board of Directors approved the order of payment in connection with a hit to the system off-spec oil and agreed to limit the size of payments to shippers under contracts on rendering of services on oil transportation at the rate of $15 a barrel sub-standard oil.” In “Transneft” at the same time specify that the shipper must document the losses.

Meanwhile, as has declared to Agency “BelTA” the Deputy Chairman of Belneftekhim Vladimir Sizov, “on the General legal rule, an obligated person may not unilaterally determine the limits of its responsibility towards those whom it must”.

However, he has indicated that he considers improper “to comment on a local decision of PJSC “Transneft” on compensation to shippers relating to its contractual relations with oil companies, without reading its text.”

According to Reuters, Minsk expects to compensate for failure of equipment, breach of obligations on deliveries of oil products, lost profits and additional costs associated with purging of pipelines.

Belarus is not yet known the total amount of their losses, but President Alexander Lukashenko has been estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars.

Recall that the pipeline “Friendship” the Russian oil supplied to Belarusian refineries and transported through Belarus, Poland and Ukraine to Europe. In April of this year, Belneftekhim said the sharp deterioration in oil quality which arrived in its section of the pipeline. It turned out that the pipe was in ten times exceeded the indicator of the content of organic chlorides. According to various estimates, contaminated was 3-5 million tons of oil.

Sizov also said that Belneftekhim expects speed compensation mechanisms because of the situation with dirty Russian oil, — as “the decision of the elaboration of compensation mechanisms has created a special working group”.

“I think in the near future the process aktiviziruyutsya, since the solution of the initial main task — replacement of contaminated oil in the pipeline — almost complete. The pipe is cleaned, and at the forefront of work on the compensation for the losses suffered,” — said the Deputy Chairman of the concern.


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