In Belarus discovered an unusual club for dormice


В Беларуси открыли необычный клуб для сонь The participants are trying to Wake up for work at least once a week.

The club members are fighting for the right once a month to sleep through the beginning of the working day.

In Belarus, office workers have created an anonymous club fans to sleep.

Hang out there are mainly managers and it specialists, and the main task of the club is to get office workers the right to one “sleep off day” day in month. “Otsypnoy” implies the right to turn off the alarm, sleep in and come late to work, for example, by eleven o’clock.

Office workers leave the site of application with stories about why they personally don’t get enough sleep or why this problem occurs to all my colleagues in the office. And the creators of the club promise that they would try to persuade the leadership of each company whose employees are dreaming about the “sleep off day” day, to introduce myself.

The club have entered several dozen of the capital’s office workers.


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