In Australia, the man offered two laptops for his own murder


В Австралии мужчина предложил два ноутбука за собственное убийствоMany were interested in the proposal.

The Australian has published in one of the closed communities on Facebook ad, where he offered money and equipment in exchange for killing himself. On precedent, drew the attention of the news

In the community, “gold coast: sale, purchase, exchange by simple rules” (Gold Coast buy, sell and swap with easy rules) the man offered $ 300, Xbox One and the PlayStation 2, about a hundred games for them, 60 DVDs and two laptops behind the “one service,” reports the DILL.

Range interested about two dozen people. The user explained that he wanted in exchange for his own murder, but his proposal was at first perceived as a joke.

As the discussion revealed that the author of the ad is in a deep depression and sees no meaning in his life.

“I tried… But enough. I want to calm down,” he wrote. On comfort, and offers to go to the doctor he said, “I’m in the same state for five years. I want the suffering stopped. Want a different world”.

Members of the community not only rejected his proposal but also expressed their willingness to help. “Where are you now?”— asked one of them. “How can you help?”wrote another. “You can email me at any time when you need it,” expressed support for the third. A number of commenters told stories of their lives when they lose loved ones because of their attempts to kill himself, and urged the man to realize that thus it is impossible to solve the problem.

Several users approached the local police with a request to find the author of the publication. Later got a message from a woman who introduced the author’s mother “suicidal” post, with thanks and an apology for his son’s behavior.


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