In Australia, students will be able to check on blockchain technology


В Австралии студенты смогут изучать блокчейн-технологии How to find in Australia, such courses will give students the opportunity to develop.

RMIT University in Melbourne, opens its doors to all who want to explore the blockchain. School start teaching the course “Development of blockchain-strategy”.

The Creator of this training course is Innovative the centre of the blockchain at RMIT. Partner in the development by the center for Fintech Stone & Chalk and Accenture.

The course lasts for 2 months. It includes a practical program that will allow everyone to learn not only about what is a blockchain, but also help to learn its proper use. Most training aims to allow students to understand what is behind Baccano and how it reflects the business model.

RMIT is not the only educational institution that offers such courses. For example, the University of California at Berkeley gives you an opportunity to take an interdisciplinary course on the blockchain.


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