In Australia intensified birds-mongers


В Австралии активизировались птицы-поджигатели These birds are especially satisfied with the forest fires.

The assertion that birds of prey are consciously satisfied with forest fires, based on the findings of scientists. Birds of prey have a well-developed consciousness, and fires help them to get food.

Such antics were seen Australian birds such as brown Falcon, black kite and kite-Whistler. They gather in small groups and find glow sticks that carry in the best, in their opinion, a place for fire. New fire allows you to get huge amounts of food, because of fire popping up from the forest of a thousand rodents, birds and reptiles.

The researchers were surprised by the coherence of birds. Aboriginal people who live in the area of Australia, say that birds of prey always did it and this is not surprising.

Even if we take into account the statement of local residents, the Rangers and the Rangers continue to struggle with the feathered arsonists after fires can cause the death of not only many animals, but also people.

Fire birds are using tactics that strongly resembles a game a pack of wolves. There is nothing strange, because birds seem to be doing this for millennia.


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