In Australia found the oldest site of aboriginal


The first people came to Australia about 50 thousand years ago.

South Australia near the Murray river scientists have discovered the oldest Park of the aborigines who inhabited the continent of 29 thousand years ago. The discovery gives reason to believe that people have inhabited Australia for 22 thousand years earlier than scientists thought, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

Article archaeologists with insights about the study published the scientific journal Australian Archaeology.

“Specialists conducted the first radiocarbon Dating of layers of rocks formed in the southern part of the continent to the latest occurrence of the glaciers. The results of the analysis proved that the first people have occupied these territories for 22 thousand years earlier than previously thought archaeologists,” — said the study’s author, an archaeologist from Australian Flinders University the Craig Westell.

The first people came to the continent about 50 million years ago when sea level was several tens of meters lower than at present. Due to this the natives were scattered throughout the territory of the modern Sunda Islands, New Guinea and Australia, moving by land.

Land bridges between the Islands and the continent was under water only after the end of glaciation. Now Australian archaeologists are studying how aboriginal people have adapted to life in Australia, and what impact did the appearance of man on the disappearance of the megafauna of the continent.


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