In Australia experienced a slight electroanalyt


В Австралии испытали лёгкий электросамолетTesting took place.

In Australia held a test light training electroanalyt Alpha Electro. It was developed by a startup from Slovenia. The novelty was tested at the airport of Perth, in the future it is planned to use it for flights to Rottnest island.

It is located 18 km from the continental coast of Western Australia.

Reportedly, the plane can fly for hours at a cruising speed of 85 knots (157 km/h). Serial production is planned in China. The aircraft has two lithium-ion batteries that are charged by the hour and 60-kilowatt electric motor 80 HP Siemens. It is assumed that the wear of the battery electroanalyt will be able to fly a total of 1000 hours. While the cost of one hour of flight is only $3, while traditional aircraft this indicator 10 times more.

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In addition, Alpha Electro is almost no noise.


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