In Australia, caught the crocodile, which was hunted 10 years


В Австралии пойман крокодил, за которым охотились 10 лет Weight reptiles is more than 600 pounds.

A giant saltwater crocodile was finally caught in a river in Northern Australia after 10 years of unsuccessful hunting for this monster. 5-meter monster weighing more than 600 pounds, was captured near the town of Katherine experienced Rangers.

Some Australian journalists have reported that it is the largest crocodile ever to fall into the trap. The Raptor was transported on a special farm where it will be present along with their relatives, the rest of your life.

Age of reptiles is estimated at approximately 60 years. Since 2008 local residents have been living in fear as the monster often attack livestock and even attempt on people. Fortunately, during all this time has done without human victims. However, the Australians had managed to compose about ferocious predator of a lot of urban legends.

One of them said that it is a mutant with the “armored” skin, which is impossible to penetrate even shot from a heavy rifle. And to catch it – and at futile, specified the second legend, because reptile is so smart and cunning, possessing great intuition, something to lure her in is simply impossible.

And here is a mysterious monster caught. And like anything there is no special, except for its huge size and “age wise” which may have allowed the crocodile to avoid the pitfalls as much as 10 years…


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