In Australia acquitted the former Archbishop caught in sexual scandal


В Австралии оправдали экс-архиепископа, угодившего в интимный скандалHe did not cover his colleague pedophile

An Australian court overturned the conviction of 68-year-old Catholic former Archbishop Philip Wilson, who was accused of covering up a paedophile priest James Patrick Fletcher.

The judge of the South Eastern States of Australia stated that he has “reasonable doubts” about the guilt of Wilson.

In countries with competitive judicial system, the burden of proof of guilt of the defendant lies on the prosecutors, and judges often use the phrase “reasonable doubt”, when the accusing party has no evidence of guilt of the accused.

According to the source, as happened in the case of Wilson: a former priest have filed an appeal with the requirement to prove that he had concealed before the court information about what Fletcher in the 1970s, nine molested underage boys.

According to investigator Robert stone Wilson really covered Fletcher: so he wanted to save the reputation of the Church. Still, the ex-Archbishop was under house arrest.

It is also noted that in 2004 Fletcher was arrested, and two years later he died in prison.


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