In Australia 10,000 people volunteered to pose naked at the Mall


В Австралии 10 000 человек вызвались позировать обнаженными на стоянке супермаркетаWorld famous photographer Spencer Tunick has filed a petition against the decision of the Australian supermarket chain to suspend shooting of his shots of naked people.

More than 10,000 people volunteered to pose for famous American photographer on the Parking lot rooftop in Melbourne.

But the supermarket chain Woolworths, which owns this place, said that the shooting will interfere with their customers.

New York photographer Tunick is famous for his photos of naked crowds, sometimes they are located in global sites.

Press Secretary Woolworths said: “the Request for photography was for the weekend is the busiest time for shopping in our stores”.

But Tunick said that his shooting was to take place early in the morning to minimize the damage to the store.

“There are no signs that tell that that Woolworths. It’s just a place where to gather the people of Melbourne to make a naked picture is not a crime”.

Despite the number of volunteers, Tunick said that about 500 people will participate in the filming for the local arts festival.

His previous work in Melbourne depicted Nude more than 4,000 volunteers standing near city Bank.


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