In August, the sky can be seen the comet


В Августе на небе можно будет увидеть комету A celestial object does not pose a risk to our planet.

Amateur astronomers prove next month-to-Earth approach of a huge comet C/2017 S3, and so close that it will be visible to the naked eye.

In this regard, many researchers immediately began talking about the consequences of this comic “guest”, their fears are based, first, on pictures and the statement by the famous Austrian astronomer Michael Jager, who on his resource on the Internet posted fotoobozreniya carrier from space to the Earth glowing Orb and said:

To our planet is approaching a huge comet, its gas cloud is about 260 thousand kilometers in diameter. For comparison, this is two times the diameter of Jupiter. Therefore, C/2017 S3 can be observed from any telescope attic is an easy target for Amateur astronomers.

As can be understood from the statement Jager, comet, though large, but to Land anything dangerous. However, some researchers make it their disappointing conclusions. For example, the famous ufologist and virtual archaeologist Tyler Glockner on my channel of YouTube posted a video which shares certain unfounded fears that us approaching space object are not as safe as it sounds (see video below).

This is clearly not a comet, says Gloeckner, as she has no tail. In addition, a careful examination of large gas phenomenon in the middle you notice a double object that leads to some reflections…

Some Internet users immediately remembered Nibiru, the promised Apocalipsis, tied it all with strange weather on Earth, various abnormal phenomena and, seriously alarmed.

Fortunately, not all. A wryly noted that the approaching space body, with its enormous gas cloud, the glow of which can be seen in August, even with the naked eye, nothing more than an interesting astronomical event.

And it is more interesting to specialists and enthusiasts examine and study the starry sky. The rest is, presumably, just does not affect the mysterious comet 99.9 percent of our planet’s inhabitants don’t even notice…


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