In Auckland new Zealand bombings


В новозеландском Окленде прогремели взрывыExploded in no-man’s backpacks.

Near train station “Britomart” in the largest new Zealand city of Auckland, there were three “controlled explosion”: the law enforcers defused suspicious backpacks.

The police called on Galway street from the transport hub in the Central area of the city, telling about the left there unattended two backpacks.

Law enforcement authorities evacuated people from the area of perceived danger, and then sent demining robot for defusing bombs.

“Then was heard three controlled explosion”, – the newspaper writes.

The station was not evacuated, and the incident did not affect the movement of trains.

It is unknown whether this incident is with today’s mass murder in the mosques of Christchurch by Pakistani kilometers to the South. There’s a car of the attackers were found two improvised explosive device; they were neutralized.


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