In armored warfare will come to the fire-Worshippers


В Crossout приедут ОгнепоклонникиOne of the novelties was the harpoon “the Knife”.

Armored warfare is an online action game with cars in the lead roles, but the factions in the game longer than in the other RPG. Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment report that in version 0.9.0 will be as much as the seventh aspect of the conflict — the fire Worshippers.

You might think that a group with such a simple name — eccentric fanatics that do not represent a serious threat. But do not underestimate them — according to the authors, the Ministers of religion are kept at Bay halfway around the world Crossout! These shamans do not only have supernatural powers, but do not disdain the advances of science and technology, including powerful flame-throwers and catapults that shoot the barrels with an incendiary mix.

Although the fire-Worshippers get to the racing action later, to experience some parts of the faction right now. 22 Jan in the game became available a temporary mission, “the fire”. For participation in the task users are given resource “Lighters” — for them the master of the Worshippers, you can purchase items, decorations and weapons of the faction.

One of the novelties was the harpoon “the Knife”. The device is easy to find a lot of applications to pull ally out of the fire, grab the enemy and drag in an acid lake, hanging bridge and so on. Among other “toys”, the creators mention of a spiked wheel “Sharpening” the cabin “Bat” and the most powerful shotgun, dubbed the “Samopal”.

Due to increased interest in Zoroastrians their items, which in the gaming market is not enough, you can sell at a higher price, tell the developers.


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