In Argentina found a rare van Tavriya Greek production


В Аргентине нашли редкий фургон "Таврия" греческого производства These machines were produced in the nineties.

One of the sites in Argentina appeared an interesting ad about selling Lada Tavria Pick Up Con Cupula.

Lada Tavria Pick Up Con Cupula is interesting because these vans since 1992, was released in Greece in Thessaloniki in a joint venture Ukraine – Greece S. A. On the company to produce three versions on the basis of ZAZ – 1102: pickup, van and car with body type “Landau”.

They were all going for the bypass technology with the use of fiberglass parts, including bodywork. The car even had a common index – 11025. The van had a load capacity of 300 kg, and sold under the name Tavria VAN.

This car 1994, mileage 180 thousand km, the car’s Price is 25 000 Argentine pesos, equivalent to approximately 670$. It is worth noting that the car has cast magnesium wheels, which are quite rare in Ukraine.

In the first half of the 90s in South America was shipped batch of ZAZ – 1102. The cars were sold under the Lada brand. Interestingly, in South America the brand came not only from Ukraine, but also, as the announcement from Greece.


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