In Argentina, filmed the strange toothed creature


В Аргентине засняли странное зубастое существо The teeth of a giant eel like human.

Near San Javier, in the North-East of the province of Santa Fe, Maria Julia, Candotti captured a strange creature terribly frightened. It is noteworthy that the case is the second in a row. Probably on the site somewhere there is a lair of unknown creatures.

Externally, the monster-like acne, but it has a wrinkled skin and human teeth. The woman turned to followers on Facebook to help identify the animal. In his post, Mary noted that “handsome” was found near the river in the rice fields. What kind of formation is a mystery to all.

Many people when the animal began to feed aversion. Experts have suggested that the woman found lepidosiren or American cheshuichatoe. It is a fish found in the Amazon and the Parana river.

These creations are able to breathe on the surface, so they usually swim in shallow marshy waters. During drought, these fish bury themselves in the mud where they can sleep for several years.

Lepidosiren have strong teeth, since they eat crabs and snails.

В Аргентине засняли странное зубастое существо


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