In Android smartphones found a hidden vulnerability


В смартфонах Android нашли скрытую уязвимостьIn smartphones found a hidden video which drains the battery

Discovered a new way of cheating users of smartphones running Android. Under the guise of ordinary banner ads in mobile applications can hide complete videos, which are much faster to unload your smartphone.

But the user does not see these videos.

Sounds strange, but here’s how it works: scammers buy up cheap shows static ad and then upgrade the code of the banner so that when it showed the more expensive promotional video was scrolled over the banner with the second layer.

The advertiser sees a beautiful statistics of views of your video and pay dishonest marketers who thus deceive the customer, and the owners of Android-smartphones.

The user doesn’t notice anything, but a smartphone spends more energy for playing hidden videos. Causing runs out of power quickly when in use, it would seem, for the most demanding applications.

Examples of false banners under which spinning complete videos.

According to the investigation site BuzzFeed, application developers do not participate in a new type of fraud learned about it only due to the increase in the number of complaints on the “voracity” from the user.

To check the authenticity of an advertising banner, you need to click on it. If the banner redirects to the page of the advertised product – it is real.

If a user sees an ad, for example, “Coca-Cola”, but clicking it throws in Google Play for some completely different application, so the banner is false. Someone just earned you a few dollars.

At the moment it is unclear how to deal with such hidden advertising called “in-banner video ads”.

В смартфонах Android нашли скрытую уязвимость


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