In Alaska have found the remains of a dinosaur that lived 70 million years ago


Scientists have shown a fossil fragment of bone of the lower jaw of a dinosaur.

The discovery by researchers from Imperial College London has confirmed that dinosaurs lived and bred in the far North, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

A group of scientists under the leadership of Alfio Alessandro Clarence found the remains of a young carnivorous dinosaur of the family dromaeosauridae, who was probably born in the North of Alaska. The discovery was a fossilized fragment of bone of the lower jaw of a dinosaur that is no longer than 14 millimeters and aged about 70 million years.

Previously it was thought that the far North was not available for permanent living dinosaurs. The opening group Clarence this view denies.

“Our study of the remains of the jaw of a young dinosaur represents the first physical evidence that some reptiles are not only living, but also bred in the North,” — says one of the researchers, Tony Fiorillo.


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