In Africa, we found the ancient library


В Африке нашли древнюю библиотекуThe site is located in the area of Sadanga.

French archaeologists have discovered in the Sudan a collection of ancient texts and tablets written in an ancient Cushitic language, which is not always amenable to interpretation. The age of the finds is 2700 years old.

The site is located in the area of Sedanka, where are the ruins of the temple Dating back to the XIV century BC and dedicated to Tie — the wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep III. From the VII century BC this area became the “city of the dead” — necropolis, consisting of 80 pyramids and hundreds of tombs.

Ancient texts are placed at the tomb, the lintel and boards, and written in mariiskom language, which was used from about the second century BC to the V century BC in Nubia and Northern Sudan.

The carrier of this extinct language was the people of the ancient Kingdom of Kush, which conquered Egypt during the reign of the Pharaoh Thutmose I. Marofsky alphabet was created in the image of ancient Egyptian, but some of the records still haven’t been translated completely.


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