In Africa, discovered a previously unknown species of killer spiders


В Африке обнаружен неизвестный ранее вид пауков-убийц Madagascar discovered species of spider similar to the extinct earlier

The authors have studied numerous collections, collected by colleagues during previous expeditions to the island, and systematized their details, linking hundreds of samples of archidonic spiders with appropriate living conditions.

It is noted that the surface of this species is very similar to the extinct that lived in the era of the dinosaurs.

The family of archilovich (Archaeidae) are the most dangerous of all arachnids the world: their only method of food – hunting for other spiders, and cannibalism. Their cephalothorax greatly elongated, as if the animal has a real head on a long neck that ends with the same long huge jaws.

They pererasti attacking tools that allow you to strike from long range and angle, and also make arhipovich similar to pelicans. At the ends of the jaws are another poisonous teeth, causing the bite victim, spiders killer hold her at a distance, waiting for the poison to take effect.


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