In a Network there was a virus “in honor” of Stalin


В Сети появился вирус «в честь» СталинаMost antivirus programs unable to detect this malware.

In a network there was a new dangerous virus called StalinLocker, presumably launched there by hackers, malicious algorithm that locks all files on the computer and puts on the screen the cover with a portrait of Joseph Stalin, was discovered by researchers MalwareHunterTeam.

The peculiarity of the lock consists in the fact that it creates its autorun and blocks all processes. After starting StalinLocker appears on the screen the 10-minute countdown, which requires entering a code. Otherwise, your files will be deleted.

Code is the difference between the launch date of the program and date 30 Dec 1922. If the user enters the correct code, the lock stops working and deletes its files. If the code is entered after the interval has expired, the virus will attempt to delete all files on each drive found on the computer.

However, in MalwareHunterTeam declare that most antivirus programs able to detect this malware.


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