In a luxury residential complex was bricked up wall, where we could see “the Palace Shuvalov”


В элитном жилом комплексе замуровали стену, откуда можно было увидеть "дворец Шувалова"

In one of the buildings of the elite residential complex “SKOLKOVO Park” bricked Windows on the South wall, from which it is possible to see the estate Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said in his blog opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

In another video on YouTube, Navalny said that the FCO decided to try a new drone, filmed one of the objects in the Moscow suburbs. The choice fell on the estate Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov in the village Zarechie near SKOLKOVO. The politician claims that the former Soviet state with an area of 7.5 Hectares, near ring road built whole estate cost 8-10 billion rubles. The area of the main building – 4174 sq meters, and it has a “special room for the care of dogs breed Corgi”, says the opposition.

Filming with the drone in the background is visible to the North of the manor residential complex “SKOLKOVO Park”, the prices of apartments which starts from 26.5 million rubles.

The opposition leader drew attention that in one of the buildings on the place where should be facing the Palace of government official Windows, is a blank wall. But for the residents of three adjacent buildings with Windows on the South-East built a special narrow structure, overlapping views of the private estate of a public servant.

Navalny also quotes from an article about the project of the complex, where it is said that the Windows on the South, the architects were not allowed to do “for security reasons”, and, “to avoid the views of the private ownership of land”.

“The state of our name, officially put such architectural limitations to the builders in this area: “you can only Build so that nobody has looked at the yard one senior family” Shuvalov even and luxury house ready to build with no Windows” – concludes the Bulk, indicating the present line between just rich people who can buy an apartment in a luxury complex, and officials which can even be allowed to watch in his side.


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