In a Chinese school will install cameras that will identify focus students


В китайской школе установят камеры, которые определят сосредоточенность учениковThe camera will make it impossible for students, even a short vacation.

In one of the schools in Hangzhou city established a pilot “control system behavior in class” recognition on the faces of the students. This system should monitor how the children focused in the classroom.

While the system is running in pilot mode in only one class, but by the summer it will put up throughout the school. The system uses 3 cameras on Board, which define the basic emotions facial expression. They are able to recognize sadness, joy, disappointment, fear, surprise, anger and neutral behaviors.

If students will be distracted the teacher will receive a message about this.The headmaster Nor Ciani said that the system does not violate the private life of students and told the details of the work. According to him, the system divides students into two groups: concentrated are marked with the letter “A” and distracted — by the letter “B”. However, some students have had lessons “under supervision”.

“Before the classes, which I don’t like, I might be lazy or even take a NAP on the Desk. But now I can’t be distracted because the class cameras. They are constantly watching me, like a pair of mysterious eyes,” One of the students of the school

It is expected that the system will help to improve the quality of teaching in schools.


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