In 2020 mankind will contemplate another 12 full moons


The current year began with a meteor shower, and the first month of 2020 continued with a partial lunar Eclipse during the full moon, which occurred on the night of 11 January.

This year we will have 12 full moons, reports the with reference to

The Eclipse happened on Friday, when the moon moved into the earth’s penumbra, or outer shadow. As a result, the moon seemed darker than usual.

The Eclipse lasted about four hours.

A partial Eclipse was visible Friday night, those who were in Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa.As the newspaper notes, each moon has a name associated with the moon. In January, according to the Old farmer’s almanac, it is known as the “moon of the wolf”.

In addition, it is noted that usually during the year there are 12 full moons, one going on each month. But in 2020, in October there will be two full moons, one on 1 October and the other on October 31.Two full moons in one month is known as the “blue moon”.

This year will be two SUPERLINE when the moon appears in the sky bigger and brighter. They occur on 9 March and 7 April.

Here is a list of full moons that will occur this year, with their folk names:January 10 – February луна9 Wolf — snow луна9 Mar – Wormy луна7 APR Pink луна7 may — Flower луна5 June — strawberry луна5 Jul — Reindeer луна3 August — Sturgeon луна2 September — Corn луна1 October — harvest луна31 Oct Blue луна30 Nov — луна29 Beaver December — Cold moon.


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