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The winners of the international photo contest Underwater Photographer of the Year. The main prize was won by the Frenchman Greg Lacour, who managed to capture the birds, hunting for mackerel. The photo was taken in Scotland. “The sight that I saw I will remember forever,” said Lacour. But other photos, which were awarded prizes of the contest, not less interesting.

1. Gannets, which hunt for mackerel near the island of NOSS, Scotland

The winner of the Grand Prix of the contest was French photographer Greg Lacour (Greg Lecoeur).

2. The tail of a baby whale swimming close to the Islands of Vava’u, Tonga

First place in the category “Wide angle pictures” took American photographer Rodney Bursiel (Rodney Bursiel).

3. Little fish-cleaner helps the sea turtle to get rid of skin parasites, Ecuador

First place in the nomination “Macro” was awarded the Swiss photographer Caprese Raul (Raoul Caprez).

4. Ribbon Moray, who had left his refuge in the Strait of Lembeh, Indonesia

Second place in the category “Macro photography” went to the Spanish photographer Eduardo Acevedo (Eduardo Acevedo).

5. Waves and underwater scenery near long island, Bahamas

Third place in the nomination “Wide angle photography” took the Swiss photographer mark Hanauer (Marc Henauer).

6. Curious sea lions off the coast of Hornby island in British Columbia, Canada

Third place in the category “Wide angle photography” awarded to American photographer Jens Troeger (Jens Troeger).

7. Medusa in the rays of sunlight coming through the waves, Spain

Second place in the category “Compact camera” took the German photographer Enrico Somogyi (Enrico Somogyi).

8. A lone spotted eagle ray near the reefs of Oahu, Hawaii

Second place in the category of “Conceptual photography” went to American photographer Kimberly Jeffries (Jeffries Kimberly).

9. Freediving is the study of the ocean without any equipment, Philippines

The winner in nomination “Conceptual photography” was the photographer Helmut Tiss (Helmut Theiss).

10. Photogenic coconut octopus on the bottom of Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

Victory in the category “Compact camera” won photographer Kevin Richter (Kevin Richter).


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