Imperial syndrome


Имперский синдром

Many Russians believe in the unique mission of Russia, believe that Russia is the most honest, the most fair and the most peaceful country. I think that Russia is being unfairly harassed and bullied. Intrigues against the Russian athletes, surrounded by missile bases, strangling economic sanctions.
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What do you think about modern Russia in the West? There many believe that this is a country with a zero level of trust or in the words of one blogger “country in collapse of confidence.” A country that is now nothing plays fair: neither in sports nor in politics. A country that is trying to fool and intimidate the whole world.

But not only Putin to blame. Because it reflects the sentiments of millions of Russians who want Russia to be feared. Like, if not love and not respect, then let it be afraid. In the Soviet Union, too many liked to frighten the West, like that in different parts of the world, we have resisted the Americans and was called a superpower. And how it ended, remember? We are torn on the arms race. Produced more tanks than all other countries combined! Passing them out right and left to its allies around the world, and then forgave them billions in loans. Mountains of weapons did not save the Soviet Union from collapse, and in fact only accelerated it.

Now modern Russia comes on the same rake. Imperial syndrome infected most of the population. Many are willing to endure hardship for the sake of sverhdorogimi, frightening world. Vladimir Putin once said that the people of North Korea is ready the land is for nuclear weapons. Here it is necessary to clarify that it is not the people ready to eat the earth, and this is forcing the country’s leadership. And we in Russia are exactly the same! Yet, thank God, to hunger, as the Koreans, it did not come, but falling incomes, the reduction in the number of hospitals and spending on health care is felt almost everything. A few days of the war in Syria cost now, as the new hospital. What do we need?

It is important to note that neighboring countries resulting from the collapse of the Soviet Imperial syndrome don’t suffer. Imperial syndrome in Russia today resembles the phantom pain. It is when a person suddenly starts to hurt already cut to the leg or arm. After all, the Empire is not only a large territory and a dangerous weapon. In the modern world is, above all, economy. Once the share of the Soviet Union along with its allies accounted for over 30 percent of world industrial production. In 2016 the share of Russia was almost ten times less — only 3.61 per cent! Even in India twice — 6,93%. The US has three times to 10.39%. And China is almost seven times — 24,45%.

The Soviet Union was at the forefront of scientific and technological progress, and he produced almost all of the modern equipment. Now many samples of common modern equipment not produced in Russia. That is, not only economically, but also technically the Empire is clearly blown away. However, we are trying to blow up in the military sphere. For what? Supposedly for safety. But unless someone wants to attack Russia? And who is threatening whom? It’s in Russia grabbed a piece of territory or the Russian grabbed?


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