Impact of Russia — the finale: Ukraine loses its transit of gas, oil and cargo


Удар России — финальный аккорд: Украина теряет транзит газа, нефти и грузов

In a course a press-conferences in Kiev the Director of energy programs of the Center for world economy and international relations of the NAS of Ukraine Valentyn Zemlyansky told how the Russian “Gazprom” will force Kiev to lose the lion’s share of revenues from the transit of blue fuel. According to the expert, the termination of cooperation with Moscow in terms of transit resources will be a decisive chord for the Ukrainian government and the economy as a whole. In addition, the implementation of the “Nord stream-2” completely devalue the Ukrainian GTS, which will lead to not very pleasant consequences for Kiev.

“Today the Ukrainian GTS is inferior even to the first “Nord stream” in its characteristics – emissions, amount of gas etc. We don’t see any action either from the leadership of the country or from outside “Naftogaz” to compromise to save the transit of gas, even in minimal amounts,” said Zemlyansky. He recalled that in 2007, when we first started construction of the first Nord stream, Ukraine’s leadership has declared that this project “will never be implemented”, however, the construction was successfully completed in 2011. Now there is a similar situation with similar rhetoric. This time, however, the consequences for Kiev will be much more tangible.

“Ukraine has always received the rent for the transit, and not only gas. Was and oil, what have forgotten, but Ukrainian territory was quite large. Is the transport of goods, car transport. Is and air transport. It also is not”, — explained the economist, bearing in mind that the conflict of “Naftogaz” and “Gazprom” became the reason of huge losses not only from the transit of blue fuel, but also a number of other sources of income.

“Amid mass Exodus of the budget losses would amount not to $ 2.5 billion”, — summed up the sad statistics of the expert.


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