Immune cells of cancer will help in the treatment of difficult tumors


Иммунные клетки рака помогут в лечении тяжелых опухолейThe method will help to predict which tumors would likely respond to a specific therapy.

Immune cells of the tumors can help in the treatment of cancer, as the study showed.

In the study, researchers from the University of Edinburgh has developed a unique technology that detects the differences between immune cells in tumors. They can be used to accelerate the development of new cancer treatments.

The researchers analyzed anonymous database of thousands of cancer patients to identify those genes that are associated with immune cells. According to scientists, this approach can be used to assist doctors in choosing the best therapies for each individual patient.

It can also be used for targeted use in immunotherapy – the new direction in Oncology, which is called the most promising at present. Immunotherapy activates your own body defenses to fight the cancer.

A new approach based on genetic analysis facilitates the recognition of many immune cells that are present in tumors. These cells will help the body to detect and destroy cancer, if they activate a specific drug. This technique is completely different from radiation and chemotherapy, which are used in traditional cancer treatment.


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