I’m going to Magadan: lake neighbourhood is a resort for fishermen


By the way, the gold mining industry is forming here and includes enterprises for open and underground mining, as well as the largest enterprise in Russia for the dredge mining for gold.

Almost each company has a special prepared car (all terrain vehicles, Ural, KAMAZ, “shishiga”).

In addition to right-hand drive Japanese jeep and UAZ, this transport is the main driving force for delivery to fishermen on a fishing trip and back.

Particularly valuable for its workers prospecting cooperative, even specially organize such visits, so that people can fully relax and replenish fish stocks for their families.


The length of the lake is more than 10 km, width 3 km. a fall In the two rivers Ohandja and OBDR, and follows one — Malyk-Siena, on which the lake rises each year for spawning grayling of the larger rivers flowing into the Kolyma.

The origin of the lake — whether tectonic, or glacial. Accurate depth no one knows, but rumor has it about 300 metres, although in my opinion it is an exaggeration.

On the lake there are many stationary accommodation for fishermen. This is mainly shelters (kennels) taken from trucks converted into accommodation housing substations, construction beams and the houses built on the site from imported materials.


photo by the author

Talk about any of these facilities is not necessary, all is simple: a bench, a stove, a table. All the necessary fishermen bring: mattresses, cookware, lighting, coal (as without it?).

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The ice on the lake freezes in the second half of October, and by December may reach thicknesses of over a meter. So fishermen try to get to the lake until mid-November. This time coincides with the completion time of zolotoordynskogo season in artisanal cooperatives, therefore, the fishing trip seems to be something like a small “vacation” after a long period of work.

Moreover, in late November — early December at the malmö the time of spawning and its activity decreases.


“The road to the neighbourhood” is a separate topic for male conversation along to talk about the car and about the fishing.

Despite the fact that a neighbourhood is one of the most visited and accessible lakes in the Susumansky district, the path to it, as any visit to the forest, always accompanied by different kind of adventure. That and the snow drifts we have to get through. And the ice on the rivers Kurbash and Missouri, through which lies the road to the lake.


photo by the author

In Soviet times, thanks to the popularity of the lake for the fishermen and even seriously considered the question of laying him major paved a dirt road for the organization of recreation.

But even without dumping the road to the lake was so rolled that the fishermen from nearby villages Burgundia, Kamanja, a Drummer and a Wide chosen here to fish on a weekend one day.

Once in the early 90s, the state has ceased to support and contain the gold mining industry, many of the towns on the route had ceased to exist, and the trail gradually fell into disrepair.

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At the moment, officially closed as the settlements all the settlements on the road from Susuman on the lake neighbourhood, they exist only as a base for prospectors artels.

If earlier in order to get to the lake, we had to overcome on the road 25 km from the last village on the track of Burgandy, now the roads starts, when it has not passed half way, and at best it takes 6 hours, and at worst … .

In the worst case can not be reached. Personally, I was a participant in the events, when two “Ural” we made our way to the lake through the snow and Blizzard a day and a half, but could only see the lake from afar. As it became clear that may not be enough fuels on the way back, and made an uneasy decision to return home.


photo by the author

On a fishing trip go on for a long period of time, so preparations are always thorough. Hopefully, being up to two weeks in the forest far from civilization, to realize the 7-8 day stay that you do not have enough pairs of batteries, candles or nothing to record the results of the game “thousand”.

My father, very thorough nature of man, the fees for fishing started for the month. Gradually, he even worked out for myself a specific list of everything required, and it stuck for a duty on planning fees.

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The rest of the participants could only carry out his instructions. His list was everything from personal hygiene to the number of alcohol per person. Even came to the ridiculous when the next batch of fishermen who intend to go into the forest, came to him with a request to “give the list” to not bother themselves.

Not extra be able to take a trip with a satellite phone in case of emergency.


In the early 2000s, the main instrument for creating holes remained Icepick. Well-sharpened the ice pick with a comfortable, firmly attached handle was gold. At the same time on one hole could take from 10 to 30 minutes.


photo by the author


photo by the author

One of the distinctive features of the lake a neighbourhood is that it is often blowing in the wind. And it can blow for weeks and never stops neither day nor night.

Probably including for this reason, in the early ‘ 80s, most savvy anglers have come up with to build mobile tents-small houses on runners, which were installed on a small stove.

This house due to runners is possible with a little effort to move in the process of fishing. The comfort from such fishing even better than: sitting in a warm house, looking into the hole, the jacket behind on a nail next to a hot kettle. Beauty!

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Mostly fishing is conducted on the backwaters formed by the coastline and underwater braids, so much the mobility of fishing does not require. Enough to put the house on “move” fish, which is constantly moving along the coast.

But if a snowmobile, you can “find the fish” as much as you want on the lake is where to turn.

The water is so clear that the bottom in the dark of the house can be clearly seen the bottom at depths up to 5 meters. It turns out that sitting and fishing in a big aquarium. The main purpose of the fishing lake malmö several types.

The average fish size is 150-250 grams. Often catch grayling and burbot are occasionally. To observe the behavior of fish on top is very interesting. As I said, Dolly Varden in the lake several species, and they differ in way of life.

There are “local” types that are present under the hole constantly, collecting something from the bottom. There are passing types malmö, which has to hold under the hole. Also, these kinds of vary in colouring and body shape.

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Grayling at this time is not as active as in the summer, so floats exponentially, demonstrating your elegant top fin-sail.


photo by the author

Equipment for fishing is a variant of baitless fishing rods, only instead of the bead on the jig attaching a piece of skin from the abdomen malmö. Also at a distance of 15-20 inches above the jig is a horizontal spinner in the shape of a teaspoon.

A more active game with a spoon is used to attract fish and when the fish is under the hole, then go to the game with a lower amplitude, so only played a jig with a planting piece of skin.

The most active fish in the morning and evening hours, still a fun day fishing lasts from 8-9 am to 4-5 PM.

Spend the night, or, to put it more precisely, “live” fishermen in huts on the beach. Evenings are usually held in the “friendly” atmosphere baiting fishing stories, training gear, discussion of the results of the day fishing and an occasional “guests” house-to-house.


photo by the author

In short, the phrase “that’s why I love ice fishing” can be very useful approach as a summary of the story about the winter fishing on the lake a neighbourhood in the Magadan region.


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